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  • robert bankier

    Bob says Got dlc currupted +300kb crash issue, I carry Possesseds so I can crush inventory. nothing works. only started after dlc Abysal Forge. My orig version had same issue but patch not work with your setup. And wheres the Launcher/config as I also get blackscreen searching for best full screen.

    Asus 58 mobo 3.7ghz Amd dual core. Strix Nvidia GTX960 4gb DDR5. 750 platinium power supply. os Win7

    I have newest drivers and will try my game and the fixes I have seen.
    if there is a hex code address issue please fix it and make it downloadable

  • robert bankier

    obviously this is for Darksiders II Prophet complete Ref obove

  • robert bankier

    ok I guess no one seen this. tried all tricks setup options. will head to a Darksiders II forum/chat. each brings a new headache