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  • Lukas Silva

    Tem tradução pra portugues(Brasil)?

  • Angel Thorn

    Okay, I have downloaded the game and now I’m downloading the ACTUAL game from the files that they gave me. There was a lot of files so if anyone’s stuck I can tell you step by step on how to download it and get the registration code and all that. Just ask me and I will be glad to help (:
    Note to Ocean Of Games:
    Please start putting instructions on your game download pages because I got really lost with all the games I download on here because I’m just clicking and opening random files to find out what to do. So please think about it (;
    Also thanks for the awesome free games! It must be a lot of hard work putting these ALL on here, I am very happy with all the free games I get!

    • AbrahamGaming YT

      Can you show me step by step please?

    • Jamie Scobie

      how do I get the registration code for this damn game

  • Angel Thorn

    Also, when I try to open the game it either says that it is corrupted, or when I type in the registration code it will just keep coming up! If anyone knows how to get past this I would love the help, or Ocean Of Games could explain to me what to do.

  • Billaden02

    emm i have done it all but when I go to open it doesnt work plz help me (windows10)

  • michelle

    where is the download button

  • Claudiu Dobrea

    For all downloading, be careful with the instructions, this is a fake website/copy of OCEANOFGAMES, and it may get you some viruses. Be very carefull.